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Originally Posted by LucasS6 View Post
The Cubs aren't about the team winning. That's beside the point. That's not why you go to a Cubs game. It's nice if they win. If they don't, that's cool too. Just like it's nice if Journey plays a great set, but the concert is still gonna be great for the atmosphere.
Sorry but this sounds delusional or an excuse for not winning a title for 100 years. Baseball is a business of winning, not who plays in the coolest park. If you ask true Cub, or should I say baseball fan, they'd gladly take a few World Series titles even if it meant playing somewhere else.. And if they win, revenues will not suffer from playing somewhere else, or under a different name.

I hope Wrigley stays. I think its a great historical landmark to the game of baseball. But lets not lose sight of what the Cubs goals are, which is winning, first and foremost.
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