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Originally Posted by Zassk View Post
I think there is a bad assumption in this thread: that the plates are given out in alphabetical order. I was issued MDG in 2008. How do you reconcile this with the fact that go_leafs got LHL in 2009?

Also, aren't almost all of the older letters-first plates available for re-issuing by now? i.e. AAA-000 format as was exclusively used in the 60's through 90's.

Anyway, it's not an intractable problem. The next step will be to intersperse letters and numbers, like our postal codes. Then the next step after that would be to replace the dash with a seventh letter, as done in California. Seven letters would probably last us until the extinction of the automobile.
M** series plates are Olympic plates, Therefore, you won't see a single L Olympic plate, nor a standard M plate.
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