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Originally Posted by Tony
I wonder if the Winners going into Niagara Square will be in the same location that is sits in, in Conestoga. (Across from the food court)
I would imagine the Winners is going to be along side the Future Shop, Petsmart etc in the space that used to be a big box store (Zellers?)

I think the space that you are referring to, across from the Food Court in Niagara Square is now a Sport Chek.

As for NF development, its a tough call on the future. There has been a lot of money poured into the Falls in the last few years, and development continues even though the investors presumably know about the new passport thing coming up. So, lets hope that someone did their homework on this one. Half of downtown Niagara Falls looks like a warzone already, it'd be a shame to see those fancy new hotels in disrepair.

oh and LORD HELP US if no one can afford to go to the casino!!!
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