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Lowell, MA

February 15th, 2009.
Lowell (pop. 105,000) is the fourth largest city in Massachusetts after Boston, Worcester, and Springfield.
It is one of the oldest industrial cities in the US and is built on a network of canals on the Merrimack River.
Coming into town on Chelmsford St

Public housing on Gorham St, south of downtown.

South St, looking towards the mills

Summer St

Middlesex St

Garnet St

Middlesex again

Revere St

Jackson St. The mill on the right has been refurbished as condos. The other one, perhaps someday.

The Appleton Mill

One of the canals. They have names, but I don't know them.

Middlesex and Elliot St

Elliot St

Central St

Central and Jackson

Market St


Bridge St

The Sun Building

Cox Bridge

Merrimack St, the main drag in downtown Lowell

Palmer St

Old firehouse, turned into a restaurant

Middle St

Merrimack St

City Hall

Market & Dutton

Worthen Street towards City Hall

Market Street, west of downtown

O’Brian Terrace public housing. There seemed to be a large Dominican population in the area. Lowell also has the second largest Cambodian population in the US after Long Beach, CA. The city is over 10% Cambodian, which is the highest percentage in the US.

Market at Lewis St

Abandoned public housing on Lewis St

The only residential areas I hit were adjacent to downtown to the south and west, which tended to be on the grittier side.

Quiet Sunday morning

Another canal

Suffolk St

Near Cabot St

Looking back towards downtown on Market

Salem St

Cabot St

Merrimack St

Detail on City Hall

Back downtown

Merrimack at John St

Some fixed up mills by the river

Mills with Centralville neighborhood, north of the river, in back

Hill in Centralville

French St


Cox Bridge

Merrimack, upriver towards Nashua, NH

Downriver towards Lawrence, MA

The Concord River

Merrimack River from the Hunts Fall Bridge

The Concord River, at left, joins the Merrimack

On a hill north of the river


Merrimack St

E. Merrimack & High St

Jackson & Gorham, heading back

Appleton & Gorham


Here's a few shots from early September of 2005, for a warmer look at things

Lowell is one of those cities where almost every square inch is potentially interesting. I didn't even touch any neighborhoods more than a few blocks form downtown. They seemed pretty neat driving in and out. Perhaps another day...

This concludes the Merrimack River cities trilogy:
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