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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
^ As much as people like to harp on the helicopter and tank, I don't think the WPS has an equipment overexpenditure problem so much as it has a salary problem.

For what it's worth, the criminal element in this city has grown a harder over the last 30 years, so it stands to reason that the cops have more gear than the billy-club equipped officer did in my grandfather's day. However, the situation is a far cry from what it's like in flashpoints like St. Louis or other big American cities. The bigger issues here are rapidly escalating wages, generous OT provisions where many cops earn piles sitting around in court, generous pensions, etc.

Fair enough if council wants to pay those generous amounts out to cops, but it's going to limit the number of police offers that the city can support. Eventually something has to give.
Winnipeg had both the highest rate of police strength and also the highest Violent CSI value among the Canadian CMAs to put things in perspective. However more boots on the ground doesn't mean all these guys should be making $100K annually either, a three year arts degree the ability to run a mile under 10 minutes or do 50 sit-ups and to be of sound mind doesn't get you $100K anywhere else.
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