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^ That's right Chad, the Beltline has a bunch of different nodes, which are spread out from one another, leading none to really stick out sans 17th, which is a cool strip, but pales in comparison to Whyte Ave. I know most Calgarians disagree on this, so I'll leave it at that.

Edmonton does have an equivalent to the East Village, the Quarters, it just is in far more preliminary stages. It's kind of mindboggling how quickly all the development of the East Village has sprung up. We recently upgraded sewage in the Quarters (2012 or 2013), and have built the Boyle Renaissance Centre already, which is a community centre, and we have the UCAMA (Ukrainian-Canadian museum) as well as the Quarters Hilton Hotel and the Corner 1 Condos under construction, but not much else. There are a lot of great proposals for the area, from an Armature (think Park Blocks in Portland) to an outdoor skywalk which juts out into the North Saskatchewan River Valley, but none of that is under construction as we speak.
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