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Originally Posted by Chadillaccc View Post
Lol since when? I've never once heard of Edmonton being compared to either of them.

OHHH!!! I know that washroom! I have seen a pic of it before but never noticed it while I was down there.
What? You never noticed them? They're inbetween the Simmons building and the Fifth Avenue Bridge.

The Austin-Edmonton comparison is made quite a bit actually. Calgary on the other hand, looks freakishly similar to Denver, which isn't a bad thing; it's a liberal, prosperous city with a solid urban form. Portland isn't really all that akin to either Alberta city (except one of their trendy strips has the same name as our province and that it has a rather robust quadrant system), but I've heard Edmontonians try and liken elements of this city to Portland, or propose Portland-esque things. I wouldn't be surprised if Calgarians did the same, as the city has tons of appeal for urbanistas such as ourselves.

The East Village of Calgary and Quarters of Edmonton both have some similarities to Yaletown too, but in terms of well-designed public realm, outrageous architecture, and amenities, it seems like the Pearl District is even more similar. In truth, they're all likely to develop differently. Calgary's East Village has some heritage buildings, but not much compared to the Pearl District. Edmonton's Quarters does have a decent amount, though.

When I see stuff like the riverwalk, the riff plaza, etc. I'm reminded of Jamieson Park and Tanner Springs Park in PDX in terms of quality. Yaletown only has Emery Barnes Park by comparison. With the Cantos Centre under construction, it looks like the EV is poising itself as an affluent artsy community, not unlike the Pearl, with the numerous galleries, art walks, and the Museum of Contemporary Craft.

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