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Originally Posted by SteelTown View Post
My aunt died of a fentanyl overdose two years ago and a few months ago (just before Xmas) my uncle completely shattered his ankle while he was high on fentanyl, he passed out because of low blood pressure. Four months later he's out of the hospital and slowly weaning off of the fentanyl patches, he's been on it for years now. Why would a doctor give him fentanyl for a back pain? Who knows, should be for chronic cancer patients only.

Doctors needs to stop giving out so many opioids. Last year I had a horrible ear infection and my doctor gave me percocet, percocet! I didn't realize it until the pharmacist told me, I was expecting some ear drops and antibiotics.
There's a piece in the G&M by a woman who has been using prescription fentanyl (patch) for 12 years for chronic pain from inflammatory arthritis.
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