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Originally Posted by AdrianXSands View Post
wait... are you saying (and the most of you too) that brutalism pre-dates its own existance, suggesting that brutalism was nothing more than an exhausted bauhaus remnant: a recycled reuse of obsolete ideas that lacked any amount of creativity and nothing more than talentless assemblage of shapes and materials? that the official stance on brutalism in here?
In the case of Boston City Hall, I would say yes. Lots of Kahn/Aalto projects are quite original, and trust me, I'm a HUGE fan of brutalism but the examples you posted or referenced (particularly the Aalto) were subpar representations of that style. I am a fan of Boston City Hall, but not the prarie like open space and swath demolition that accompanied its construction. I also am a bit of a fan of the Dallas city hall but again I feel it is a very straightforward, dare I say 'corporate' looking building with a gimmick to the front. Neither are particularly original in their fields, and in general I feel that brutalism is a style that does not typically adapt well to civic monuments (Kahn's Bangladesh Parliament House is the exception).
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