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Originally Posted by Lecom View Post
The tower design is alright, its height and bulk are awesome, but I'm especially excited about proposed streetscape changes, like opening Vanderbilt Avenue's lower levels to spaces above.
The thing I'm most excited about as far as the street goes is closing part of the elevation around GC to traffic, creating another "High Line" park around it. It looks very doable from the presentation.

Originally Posted by Dac150 View Post
Just looking again through these renders of what could be, I do find these concepts to be radical yet almost necessary. The designs may be questionable in some cases, however the big picture of what this transformation could mean for Midtown is extraordinary.
Well, it is time to think big again, not just in terms of skyscrapers, but also in terms of what can be done.

Originally Posted by hunser View Post
Either build a solid 2000 footer or something as awesome as those two towers with the ring. I'm spoiled now!
We know that SL Green has brought in Hines to help develop this tower from the ground up. Hines is behind one of the most exciting designs in recent years, the Torre Verre. That building was on par with the Empire State in terms of height. But if done right, they could exceed that here - in both design and height. With all of the attention being paid to the area and what will come of the changes, added to the extra scrutiny of design, we could be looking at a very impressive tower. Now, it's at least 5 years away from construction, but just the buzz it will create around the GC district could kick off a lot of things.

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