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Originally Posted by STERNyc View Post
What's really surprising to me is that Extell is starting work on a tall tower as is Moinian. Has the 7 line even started construction yet? Right now there is no middle ground, theres these construction sites and then gas-stations, chop shops, junk shops, mcdonalds, clubs, and parking lots.
A lot of this will happen simultaneously. The City has quietly acquired all of the land it needs for the subway extension, and the planned Hudson Boulevard. Everything is moving according to plan, except the Javits Center expansion. Spitzer came into office with the promise of moving things along, but has proven to be just as slow if not worse than Pataki in getting these things moving along. Despite that however, the rest of the developments are taking shape.

Because of complications regarding the winner of the railyards site, and its various bidders/tenants, some of the other developers in the area are waiting to pick up the pieces from the fallout. Everyone looking to may get to move to the west side, one way or another.

It's like the city has created a big playground for developers, and said "go out and play!"
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