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Originally Posted by Nowhereman1280 View Post
]I'm not guaranteeing what we see in the renderings is exactly what will get built, but I am guaranteeing that DeStephano's split would have absolutely no effect on whether this gets built. Also, some CG artist is probably the least reliable source on this kind of news because they have 0 involvement in the business side of things and, in my experience, have absolutely no business sense.
Lol I have no idea about the implications of what happens with proposals from firms that end up splitting apart, so thanks for pointing that out. Also, DeStefano couldn't have been the only firm interested in this property, I'd imagine, so that's something else that needs to be considered when referring to what might happen here (design-wise) with Related owning the property.

Originally Posted by Hayward View Post
Hold up now.. Was there ever an actual tendered drawing set for the re-design? Excuse the renderings, they don't mean or prove anything.
I don't believe so. The "renderings" I'm referring to were on the last page or two, but again, those were from the set of images released by the CG artist from last year -- before the split. So like you said, they don't mean anything.