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^^^ I'm not certain they need to go back to the city on this. I believe the only real PD triggers are height and FAR and the intent of this design is to pack all of the FAR into a lower height thereby increasing the profitability of the design.

As long as they stick within those PD parameters I don't think they need to do anything but renew their building permits and all that. Remember, Lakeshore East operates under a PD and never has to get approval for any of their designs since they general heights and densities are pre-approved. For example, the Coast started basically as soon as they had the money and construction diagrams because that density and height was already approved.

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OK, so does anyone have any guess or inside info about how long it will take for Related to show us details of what they will build?
I know someone who used to work at Related and is chums with everyone there. All I've heard for sure is that the cantilever pretty much has to happen. They could just do a massive transfer floor, but it would cost essentially just as much as the cantilever and they feel the radical design adds value. Anyhow, I've been hearing that since before the design is released. From what I understand they want to move ASAP on construction, but are still getting their money ducks in a row.