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Originally Posted by Horus View Post
I think the expectation was that there would be some announcement (either for or against expansion) prior to the 2016 Draft, which is June 24th.

If I had to guess, I'd think it would happen between the NHL Awards (June 22 - in Vegas, no less) and the Draft
Indeed. Typically the NHL doesn't like making these sorts of announcements during the playoffs as they normally take away from the on-ice events still ongoing.

Don't get your hopes up over QC. Canadian $ is going to prevent that from happening for the time being i'd imagine. LV seems like a shoe-in, though. There's still the sticky issue of Carolina being perpetually for sale which may hinder some expansion outlooks.


The Canucks continue to amaze. As a continuation of earlier threads here Benning has decided to trade one of his younger prospects, and draft picks, for a middling defenceman who, although good, isn't going to be heading your first D pairing. Canucks went from having a poor prospect pool to an even poorer pool in the future.