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Originally Posted by WarrenC12 View Post
Ya, this treehugger doesn't see the big picture. Those routes are pretty busy right now.. where would the traffic go? It won't disappear.

Although the Dunsmuir viaduct is a little awkward with the entrance off Main, it still takes traffic away from Pacific Blvd.

It does present some interesting challenges for the city's NEFC plan, but just makes it more interesting IMHO.
Yes the traffic will disappear. In Seoul, South Korea, they removed an elevated freeway (which used to carry 180,000 vehicles a day) that bisected the dense city, replacing it with park and a day lighting a buried river. No new roads were built. When asked where the traffic went, planners shrugged. They had no idea. Traffic on other roads was no worse than before the viaducts were demolished.

Of course, this evidence doesn’t suggest that all road expansions are unnecessary, or that all highways should be removed. All of the highway demolitions cited above are in densely packed urban areas where other highways and reliable and convenient public transportation options are available. But the lesson is clear: If a major road is making a city a less livable and vital place that it would otherwise be, in many cases everyone benefits when politicians have the vision and guts to tear it down.
Source: link below

The opposite of "If you build it they will come" is "If you remove it they will go".

BTW - it will be a mistake to try to replace the capacity by widening or improving other roads. Best bet, just tear it down and replace the grid for dense development and parks

Check out this link for more information:
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