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not to mention the Granville Bridge approaches, the Cambie Bridge and ramps and the Burrard Bridge, which now all hove condo towers and other structures being built directly beside them and in a few cases, under them.

I have failed to see how these structure are any different. look at the residential units built (and being built) directly beside the Cambie Bridge, or all the towers right along the Granville Street bridge.

But if only 1 viaduct were to remain, it would have to be the georgia viaduct. Traffic flows so well out of downtown right now, i have never been stuck in a jam using Georgia street to the viaduct, so something tells me that design is working, and if it were to be removed we would simply be creating a new unnecessary traffic headache, in the end making the city around Georgia less pedestrian friendly and green.

The Dunsmir viaduct does have some traffic issues entering downtown, but whether this is due to the poor design of the bike lane (which, while I do support, I also feel it was not implemented properly).

That being said, the western end of the Dunsmir viaduct would have to remain regardless due to all its connectivity and how it has been built into the Colours development and Rogers Arena (among other utilities)
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