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Originally Posted by Buck
Big improvement! These are very nice, very Lake Point Tower-ish.
I thought the same thing, except these are balconized which will be sweet for those living there. I'm not certain but it looks like 300 spear and 201 Folsom will have a four leaf clover floor plan while LPT is a three leaf clover. And LPT is a smooth undulating sheet all the way up while 300 and 201 appear to have a biphasic surface with the top ten floors differing from the bottom 30. If the actual buildings' color matches the color of images, they will be so lovely. I am a sucker for that blue-steel glass

Here is the 1968 69 floor/645 foot LPT for comparision. On some days it is my favorite skyscraper. I'm all for any buildings that share things in common with it.

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