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Originally Posted by SaskScraper View Post
I never brought up anything Quebec to begin with, someone delusional did

again the last page's banter speaks for it's self
What's delusional is to make pronouncements about the "most popular sitcoms in Canadian history" when one has never even heard of the Beachcombers and King of Kensington. (We don't even need to touch upon francophone stuff from Quebec in order to underline the absurdity of this. And you're probably no more able to assess Quebec TV than I am able to do the same for Mongolian TV.)

Generally speaking the truth is that no one around the world outside of a handful of geeks gives a shit about Canadian TV (English or French). But sure, you might stumble upon a Japanese girl or a Russian guy who loved Degrassi, or a Mexican or an Israeli who's a fan of the adaptation of Un gars, une fille.

None of this is more than a tiny drop in the bucket.
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