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Unless you were born yesterday (which I realize many around here almost were) you'd have to have recognized from the start that the Human Rights Museum was a longshot. The idea with this sort of thing is that you announce something impressive but underfunded and then hope public excitement will put enough pressure on the government to provide the missing cash.
Very true... when they first announced the fund raising for the new library, it was an amazing vision which included a tower, but as the fund raising stalled it was serverly scaled down. I was very excited when I made my contribution the first day of the drive, and was disappointed with the end product.

I also don't think the federal government in power has had little impact on the muesum, as the Conservatives have stood behind previous commitments and said they will fund there share. Only a last minute desparate promise to raise funding .. as a means to collect votes during a election campaign promises were made, but I have serious doubts that funding would have ever flowed. Last second promises during a close campaign are not to be taken very seriously, as they rarely folow through.
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