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a new $300m airport designed by one of the world's most famous architects (Private investment??.. I don't think government is involved in this one, but I am not sure)

$50m in new condo construction on waterfont drive as well as numerous loft conversions in the exchange district bringing hundreds of new residents downtown - (involved centre venture incentives)

the $200m hydro building, the world's greenest office tower designed by one of canada's premier architects (100% government funded, will go over budget)

award winning $50m red river college downtown campus ( 100% government funded)

the beautiful $20m milleneum library designed by another of canada's premier architects. (Partially government funded .... remainder donated funds)

the $150m MTS centre (Partially government funded)

the $20m CTV downtown buiding ( This is part of the powerhouse building expansion... which was a part of the True North Deal to house VLT machines, restaurant, offices for the moose and leasable space - CTV)

the $35m pharmacy building (government funded??)

the $150m expansion of HSC (government funded)

two large condo projects (8-9 storey) in st. b across the river from downton on provencher and tache. (Private investment)

the inn at the forks is less than 2 years old. (Private investment)

As you can see the confidence in the local market is not that strong at the moment, even with hundreds of millions of dollars flowing from government couffers .. building mega projects at a record pace.

It is a lesson Winnipeg seems to need to relearn every 10 years or so... mega projects and high taxes don't work. Mega projects and stagnant private entreprise means nothing. We have to build the downtown economy through private investment. An endless stream of government offices is little more than depressing to the average person with ambition. Infact the government couldn't send a clearer message to those who want to build a bigger and better economy... head west young man.
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