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Burn baby burn! Framework moves ahead
Cross-Laminated Timber passes burn test, and Portland's wooden skyscraper is set for success.

Portland’s showcase of cross-laminated timber, the 12 story Framework building due to rise in the Pearl District at 430 N.W. 10th Ave. has passed a major milestone.

The wood recently passed tests to prove that it could be in a fire for two hours and not burn so much that it would lose its structural integrity. Two hours is the time a high rise must maintain structural integrity. It is also considered adequate time to evacuate a burning building.

The test was of a mass timber assembly using Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) and Glue-laminated timber (glulam), with steel brackets holding them together. Both floor panels and posts/beams were tested.

Although the architects and engineers at Lever and KPFF knew the wood would survive a fire, it had to be tested to be approved by the State of Oregon’s building code.

Tall wood buildings using CLT and glulam have already been permitted in Europe, Australia, and Canada.
...continues at the Business Tribune.
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