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Quite honestly, there are a lot of residents within walking distance of this street. Because of Decatur's history of growth, there are neighborhoods on every side of this part of downtown. Of course, I also don't know if these people would even consider walking downtown to visit this.

Though, tell me, what would be the difference between this an Bridge Street. Besides arranging BEFORE construction for boutique stores (which, I don't see any reason why that couldn't be done either), what is the difference? True, there isn't the high number of wealthier people as there are in Huntsville, but Decatur for all of its lack luster demographics does have a population of people that would be attracted downtown by something like this. If you looked at downtown before Maria Bonita (one single restaurant) moved in on 2nd Ave virtually no one came downtown, save for the occasional performance at the Princess Theatre. Now that Maria Bonita has moved in, it's hard to find parking, there are more performances at the Theatre, there are two or three new restaurants, etc... You have to wonder what would happen if we were to facilitate the replication of the advent of this kind of restaurant.

Let's face it, the city MUST be able to have something that can attract and entertain young professionals or else the city will cease to be a player in regional economics, ie: growth will stagnate.
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