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Looks like the city has two zoning board hearing agendas up now for 2018:


Nothing of interest at all - just porch enclosures, LED signs, and the like.


1. A small infill project in Upper Lawrenceville. Basically it looks like the Thai restaurant Pusadee's Garden is going to use some of the vacant lots it owns to build a new three-story structure with another restaurant, retail, and a dwelling unit, along with expanding the existing building. An expanded courtyard will be between the two buildings. They are asking for a few variances on height and parking, so it remains to be seen if this will fly.

2. Zoning permits for the garages to go with the new ugly buildings on the 900 block of Mellon Street we mocked a few pages back. I have no idea why they'd go to zoning separately for the houses and garages.

3. Infill house on 54th Street in Upper Lawrenceville.

First Planning Commission meeting of the year is next Tuesday, so the presentation should go live (presuming the city updates its website for 2018 properly) on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

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