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India’s largest cities are set to swallow up neighbouring towns as they grow

While the nation’s capital is set to grow from 1,483 sq km to 2,300 sq km by 2021 under the Delhi Master Plan, Bangalore will expand more than three-fold, from 226 sq km to 696.17 sq km by 2015. Gurgaon, India’s ITeS hub, will grow 275% in area from 98.81 sq km to 370.69 sq km by 2021; Greater Noida from 50 sq km to 120 sq km by 2021; and Kochi from 264 sq km to 731 sq km by 2026.

"The Kochi City Development Plan 2005-2012 now includes 731 sq km of the Greater Cochin region, which is eight times the size of the city."

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