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Kochi again gets direct Delhi service

After Paramount withdrew from North India, now Indian (IA) is starting direct
up and down flights to Delhi - making Kochi the only city in state to have one.


Indian makes Delhi the metro next-door
Friday February 16 2007 10:41 IST

KOCHI: Welcome to the age of cheap flights. For Rs 3,000 plus tax, one can now travel from Kochi to Delhi. As a revolutionary step in the history of air transport, Indian is introducing a direct service to Delhi at this rate from February 18.

The unmatched low rate is expected to attract a large number of passengers. ‘‘Travellers will have to pay only Rs 3,975 for a ticket in which Rs 975 is charged as tax,’’ said Patrick Xavier, area marketing manager of Indian, Kochi.
BTW, Jet had announced its intention to start a direct Delhi service, once its
brand new Boeings arrive.

(Air Sahara also flies down directly from Delhi but it returns via Trivandrum. Sahara operates another convenient Delhi flight thru Hyderabad from Kochi. )
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