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Originally Posted by Authentic_City View Post
To be honest, if the outcome of this was a 12 story residential building with grocery store on that surface lot, I'd be happy. A new tallest would be nice, but several mid-sized residential buildings would really help fill out the downtown. Especially if they replace surface parking lots.

I would looooove a 12 storey residential building on that lot. Retail (bonus), Grocery (massive bonus), tall building (bonus), Winnipeg's tallest (super bonus).

I said this before, if, when this thing was announced last year they announced a 12 storey condo for the site people would have been shitting out unicorns.
"But a city can be smothered by too much reverence for its past. The skyline must keep acquiring new peaks, because the day we consider it complete and untouchable is the day the city begins to die." - Justin Davidson - May 2010 Issue of New York
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