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Originally Posted by Steveston View Post
Poor sportsmanship by Dickenson in the closing moments of the Stamps-Bombers game. Up by 16, with the ball, inside 25 seconds remaining in the game. Most coaches would simply take a knee in victory formation. Not DD -- he has to send out the FG team for 3 more points.

Angering the football gods will bring bad karma in the future. Is DD planting the seeds for yet another poor playoff performance at the end of this season? One can only hope so.
I was wondering about that myself, at the time it seemed oddly churlish of DD.

Doug Brown's theory on the post-game show was that the Stamps were thinking about a tie-breaker at the end of the season... that's when total point differential is used to make the call.

Fair enough, but for a team that won 15 games last season you kind of wonder what difference that field goal will make in the end.
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