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Originally Posted by cjones2451 View Post
I get a little frustrated with the CFL doesn't market well, no connection to the fans, blah, blah, blah....

I think some teams are great, like this event the Lions did this weekend at Playland for season tickets holders

I do agree they do need to market better to get new fans!
I thought it was strange last season in Toronto when, at the start, they had a big ad campaign going. The problem was they were marketing the CFL as a league and not the Argos. On one bus shelter downtown, they even had a picture of a Saskatchewan (!) player, with few/no words and a little CFL logo that few passersby would have seen, let alone recognized. The ads looked great but what they needed was a very simple and direct message focused on why someone would buy tickets to Argos games and how they would go about doing that. Instead, we got some sort of hipster-inspired vague positioning statement for a league that half of Toronto has literally never heard of.
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