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Originally Posted by OhioGuy View Post
So this is what you were up to when I was out in the Bay area exploring your home turf. Looks like you really got around the city. Great photos!
Yes I was busy falling in love with Denver, I was sorry I missed you.

Originally Posted by SnyderBock View Post
One big part of Downtown I noticed you missed was 14th Street and the entertainment district. Not only does this include the Denver Center of Performing Arts (largest such in the nation outside of New York), but this part of sowntown also happens to have two skyscrapers under-construction and a third high-rise in the foundation construction phase. Perhaps all teh construction kept you away? Anyway, that will be a must see in a couple years.

and by the end of 2012, you'll want to check out Denver Union Station all over again. Because see that sea of parking behind Union Station right now in this photo you took, well that is being redeveloped into a Union Station Multi-model transportation hub. Just click here to see the plan.
I had a basic idea of where I was going, but, just shot off in different directions when something caught my interest. I don't have a good reason for missing that area other than I do remember walking up 15th, seeing all the construction and not knowing if there was much over there to see. Plus it was the afternoon and I was tired Another trip...thanks for the link on the new development around Union Station. It DOES look great. I think part of the reason I took that photo was because I knew I'd be back and could compare with whatever was eventually built.
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