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^actually yes. Those areas were definitely upmarket all their existence, but you could still get council houses there. In the mid noughties I worked with a Ugandan kid from a huge family who lived in a council house. They moved from a 5 bedroom in Notting Hill to a 7 bedroom in Chelsea, thanks to contacts in the council methinks.

My best mate used to live in his girlfriends house, inherited off her mother who was in council accommodation, a vast 3 bed apartment over 3 floors in a beautiful, 150 year old Notting Hill terrace (it was however completely dingy inside). She was desperately trying to save enough/ sub let it out to buy it off the housing association. I myself lived in an ex council flat (Purbrook Estate), about 200metres from Tower Bridge, in 2000-2002.



And as I mentioned before about inflation, average house prices have gone up by $170,000 in a decade (in September 2013 they rose a whopping $85,000 in that month) but the average wage by only $11,000. One needs to earn $70,000 a year to buy, and to do it in a couple.

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