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^yes, but not in the terms of how we normally describe lower middle class and working class.

That I really can't believe considering it's one of the most chichi places in the city, so looked into it. Findings:

1. Note the complete absence of any upper class in the stats. The 'upper class' is automatically considered the country's top 1-2% (read: multi-millionaires and billionaires). Therefore everything is only upper middle, lower middle, skilled working or working class.

2. The stats are based on occupation rendered in the census, not income, or assets. In other words if you're not upper management but instead - a district manager in HSBC, a lawyer or a stockbroker etc even on a 6 figure salary you fall into middle or lower middle class. If you're a landlord / trophy wife/ one of the Notting Hill rich kids who have no job whatsoever (or do a menial dayjob) you fall into the working classes or long term unemployed.

3. The ONS used a market research company to produce a computerised paradigm to come up with those 'estimates'.

4. W11 also includes Ladbroke Grove, where there is social housing still.

At the end of the day the average house prices are $2.4 million, and average rental prices are £855 ($1443) a week for a house and £535 ($903) for a flat. The average 1 bed flat comes in at £743,496, or $1.25 million.

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