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I'm generally really looking forward to this. Not a huge fan of any more taxes, but I'm also enough of a realist to know we need transportation dollars from somewhere and transit needs to be a key piece of the balance.

That being said, I'm a little disappointed commuter rail isn't a more significant part of this. Seems unlikely to me that we could not have gotten a couple of lines of commuter rail. It didn't need to be everything on the commuter rail wish list, but Athens-Atlanta line + southside line would be huge and would just further support walkable development and local ridership on the other lines.

I do think the Emory line (eventually going to Decatur) is huge, as is getting transit further out to Stonecrest. Finally, I'm a fan of both the North Ave street car and the Cobb LRT - but wished maybe West side (which is becoming increasing redeveloped and dense) was a more core part of the transit plans. Hopefully the "Short" option chosen at least gives us Atlanta Station and Marietta/Howell Mill stops before turning north.
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