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Originally Posted by shivtim View Post
^ I wasn't answering your question at all. I have no idea if the NAACP is still opposed. They haven't released any statement other than their original opposition in mid April. As I stated above, I was only referring to "environmental/transit/sustainability groups," which certainly does not include the NAACP.
If you're talking about any type of group, the only three that have gotten any publicity for opposing the transportation tax are the Dekalb County NAACP (Note, NOT the Atlanta NAACP or nationwide NAACP), the Georgia Sierra Club, and the Tea Party of Georgia. Meanwhile, more than 75 local/regional/state organizations are in favor.
The Georgia Sierra Club only has around 10,000 members across the it isn't really a formidable voting bloc anyway. It's good to know that the other environmental groups aren't so short-sighted. What a bunch of assholes to oppose the only chance Atlanta currently has at some decent transit improvements. There may not be any "plan B" for a long time...
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