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Originally Posted by electricron View Post
Is the NAACP still against the referendum as written, or has their policy changed recently?

I'm having a very difficult time believing this referendum is going to pass with both the NAACP and Sierra Club against.
DeKalb NAACP has expressed opposition to the referendum. Their opposition is based mostly on what I stated earlier in this thread : they wanted rail from Downtown Atlanta via Turner Field to Wesley Chapel rather than BRT line.

Their argument uses the premise that DeKalb and Fulton has been funding MARTA alone for over 40 years. Their opposition is based on wanting more which is different than the Tea party. While I understand their argument, I believe in the notion of not "cutting off your nose to spite the face". For a functional democracy, not everyone gets everything one wants all the time.

Still, I tend to believe the referendum will pass. This belief is based on the support of the referendum by the business community, the Republican governor, Democratic mayor of Atlanta, the Republican state legislature, the Democratic CEO of DeKalb County government amongst others included those mentioned by shivtim.
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