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Originally Posted by hammersklavier View Post
The edge city gets its own thread? Wow "nice".
Tysons is the 12th largest business district in the country... obviously it's an edge city, but not an "ordinary" one, especially since by 2050 there will be almost 100,000 new residents and 100,000 new jobs (from roughly 20,000 and 100,000 respectively currently). Tysons is by far the DC area's best bet for new 30+ story buildings, and really the only potential place where a 500'+ building could conceivably be built in the region by 2025.

The two office towers in the rendering above look to be in the 350-450' range, btw... obviously no hard figures yet, but those residential towers behind them are 20 floors (roughly 250' I'd guess) and the office towers are significantly taller. Having one 350' tower and one 450' tower there would totally change the Tysons skyline and provide a brand new focal point. Luckily the mall development should also feature some 300'+ office towers; crossing fingers we'll see one over 500'!

Regardless, Tysons only has a few 200'+ buildings right now... maybe 5 or 6? By 2020 there should be 10+ and by 2050, several dozen, making for a totally different city/skyline.
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