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Originally Posted by hammersklavier View Post
Regardless, Tysons Corner is almost like King of Prussia or White Plains getting their own threads! If we really want to do threads for edge cities it would clutter up P&C as it is currently organized.
Uhh, not really... if Tysons can't have its own thread being the 12th largest business district in the country, then Pittsburgh, Austin, St. Louis, etc should be axed... it dwarfs the aforementioned edge cities and is about to boom big time... and besides, it's not like Washington DC really has a thread here, given the height limit and all.

Originally Posted by CHAPINM1 View Post
This area is already red hot! However; once the metro will eventually connect it with every other part of the DC area including Dullus, it will see growth like nobody right now will even be able to imagine. I was there in October and its huge drawback, for now, is the accessability in getting there. Traffic is a nightmare and the train doesn't go through there, yet anyways. However; give it five years, I am sure without a doubt we'll see either a 500 footer or plans for one anyway.
And this is why Tysons has its own thread... the boom over the next decade+ is going to be phenomenal. It won't boom quite like Miami or Vegas, but you're going to see the area begin to become much more dense and as a result... move upwards, very rapidly.

Northern Virginia is the wealthiest region in the country and now that development is getting a true focal point (they really are "establishing" Tysons as the downtown of NoVA), things should begin moving much more quickly.
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