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Clearing its plate: 210 Development Group to put Peanut Factory Lofts up for sale
Sep 30, 2015, 1:16pm CDT
Katie Burke
San Antonio Business Journal

Peanut Factory Lofts — often considered to be a trailblazing development, given its location in an overlooked area of west downtown San Antonio — will soon break another barrier by being put up for sale.
The 102-unit development along South Frio Street is still wrapping up the final phase of construction, and leasing activity is still in the early stages. However, with multiple projects in the pipeline, 210 Development Group — the San Antonio-based firm behind the project — wants to focus on what's up next.

A majority of developers in the city wait until assets are close to being 100 percent occupied before putting them on the market, a point the 102-unit Peanut is still a long way away from. Compound that with the property's unique aesthetic and off-center location, and finding the right buyer could be an uphill climb.

But it may not be.
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