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Originally Posted by deasine View Post
That is what I have been worrying about too. Many of the Expo Line stations don't really have a large ticket concourse level and actually have no room for gates, for instance: 29th Ave, Joyce, Patterson, Edmonds, etc. There will be a need of some kind of reconstruction with these stations AND/OR the purchasing of small/slim gates, which i have not seen any on the market yet.

Many of the Canada Line stations are really worrying me too.... such as VCC (like Mr. X said), Olympic Village, and Broadway - City Hall.
A few years ago, Translink said it would require at least $100 million to install fare gates onto the Expo SkyTrain Line. Why? The stations weren't designed for fare gates and would require a rehaul.

However, the M-Line and Canada Line have fare gates in mind to their designs so it'll be quite cheaper to install.

And to see where I'm getting at, look at how narrow the passages are for the Canada Line:

Is it just me or did anyone count 4 turnstiles for the Vancouver City Centre diagram?
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