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I emailed the developer the other day with a few questions regarding a time line for the project and such and got the following response:

Dear Aaron,

Thank-you for your interest in King’s Wharf.

This spectacular Halifax Harbour project is currently evolving through design and development approval stages so I do not have accurate timelines. We are not pre-selling condominiums yet; this will occur when we have a better idea of our project timelines.
I will add your name to our contact list and email you when we have more details available. Please feel free to participate in our forum where we are seeking ideas on how we can incorporate public space into our development here
Should you have any questions, we would be pleased to discuss them at any time and share any further information on King’s Wharf.
Doesn't seem like they even know much yet. Their comment page is hosted by MT&L, a public relations firm. So I would imagine they are going to some effort to make sure they please as many people as possible with the development.
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