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The main tower’s floors are divided into the following spaces:

• The basement and ground floors designated for information and office services.

• The first and second floors include a conference hall and a business center.

• 9 floors divided into 4 offices each with an average area of 221m2.

• 8 floors divided into 2 offices each with an average area of 510m2.

• 6 floors comprised of 1 office with an average area of 925m2.

The surrounding four towers that circularly enclose the main tower consist of 22

floors each. Each floor has an area of 830m2. with a total of 612 apartments catering for both commercial offices and residential apartments and can be partitioned according to the special needs of individuals or companies. These spaces have been divided as follows:

• 1-bedroom: 436 apartments with an average area of 108m2.

• 2-bedroom: 176 apartments with an average area of 147m2.

MPIRE WORLD sign a contract with Turkish company BIRART GROUP to build two towers EMPIRE BUSINESS TOWERS

At three o'clock in the afternoon on Monday day on February 11, 2013 meeting was held in Mqraam Empire World between the two (BIRART GROUP) Turkish Company (EMPIRE WORLD) during which the conclusion of a contract for the Implementation of Two Towers, "Empire Business Towers". The meeting was attended by all of the glorious Mr. Bicherh and Daza Yi president of Empire World and Mr. Mohammad Kayhan Walker director of Berart Group company. The signing ceremony was held in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and seriousness to initiate action in the implementation of this great edifice.

It is worth mentioning the planned towers will be built in accordance with the contract, located in the southern side of the main Empire Tower, which overlook the villas and apartments Royal City.

They are built on a land area of ​​16,500 square meters and the total area of ​​the building is 40,000 square meters, each respective tower rises 75 meters on the surface of the project consists of 22 floors and each floor of them can accommodate 7 rate of office space (130 - 150) sqm each office. The towers are designed according to urge universal custom designs for corporate offices and giant companies can book more than an office or even entire floors if necessary.

The Company Has identified 30 months to complete this project as fully as it came in the decade, the Altfesbl art following the most important characteristic of the project in terms of quality and specifications required, as will the overall structure of Towers Concrete armed resistant tremors and external influences and encases exoskeleton glass heat-insulated type Double Jam and also will protect the towers system sophisticated fires (system sprinklers) Self supporting doors fire resistant, too, and 4 lifts (3 members 1 services) works b cardi electronic addition to the exits of emergency cooling systems VRV and surveillance system CCTV and communication networks and the Internet via fiber optical FIBER OPTIC.
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