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Originally Posted by KarLarRec1
I wasn't sure which thread to resurrect...


I was at their website just looking for some news. They'd set up a page giving some details about the improvement projects.

* For one thing, it seems they are now branding themselves as "Hollywood & Highland Center."

* Virgin Megastore (with a stage for live performances)

* Escalator from street to Central Courtyard

* Escalators from Central Courtyard to 3rd and 4th floors. (DUH!!! should have been done originally)

* Improved storefronts (not sure why or where)

* Improved signage (to curb confusion through the maze that is H&H)

* Recent new stories: Lucky, American Eagle, BCBG.

* New stores in the future: Neighborhoodies, Quizno's, Virgin Megastore.
It needs it. Poor H+H was poorly designed by Trizec...instead of open and inviting, it's cold and confusing. Such great potential too!

It'll always have its place due to the prime location, but think of what it COULD have been....sigh.
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