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Originally Posted by BCPhil View Post
The only reason people consider contracting Toronto is their inability to attract players. For some reason, the big players are all about image. It's more profitable to be in LA or Miami for extra income. Toronto is Canada, a place many people coming into the NBA know nothing about. Is the BBall court inside a giant igloo? Right now the Raptors are staffed like they are the Mighty Ducks (from the movie), rejects from all the teams who are just happy to have a job playing basketball.

As more Asians, Europeans and Canadians enter the league in all star positions, it will be easier to staff good teams in Canada (Toronto AND Vancouver), as some coming from abroad might prefer to set up home in Canada as opposed to the USA.
Yeah. I understand that the big name players are about image. Don't need to look far to see the BIG THREE in Miami to understand and see how that's true. With that being said, I think Toronto's going about it the right way. They are intentionally drafting and signing international players (as much as they can, that can help them, of course), and also the players who will play hard, and have character. That being said. You can't replace talent, and in order for the Raptors to have any kind of success, they need those big time players. The NBA needs to do a better job of educating their players about Canada. We don't live in igloos, and it's not always snowing here year round

With that being said. If Vancouver ever gets a second chance to being an NBA city. They will have to take Toronto's approach, and search for international talent, and mix that up with Canadians, and American players. I like how Mike Gillis of the Canucks emphasize so much into player development. And I see that the Whitecaps FC will also focus on player development for their youth residency program. The NBA now has a development league too. Should Vancouver get a second NBA team, they need to put a lot of their resources into scouting, drafting - basically - player development. That would bode well for the club in the long run. Here's to hoping that within 10 years (or shorter!) we'd receive an NBA franchise (through relocation). You want more Asian fans? Vancouver's probably the right destination for that kind of exposure.
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