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Originally Posted by Hot Rod View Post
Get er done.

It is better for the NBA to have a team in Vancouver, where it can be marketed internationally, along with Toronto. The arena is already there and as long as there is common ownership with the NHL, it should be a slam dunk in Vancouver this time.

I totally agree that Vancouver should take the Toronto approach and try to develop players with a DLeague team. Maybe put it in Calgary so they can get some exposure there. (Toronto should put their D-League team in MTL or Ottawa if they have an arena).

The better the NBA is promoted in Canada (and has games in Canada) the better for the NBA. Canada is much easier to get International exposure than America, due to the barriers that exist going to America. Vancouver IS Asia, so put Yao in Vancouver or let a team with a star relocate, have common ownership, and get international players from Asia (China, Japan (if there are any), and Korea) and Europe (Spain and Turkey).

Vancouver is in a MUCH better position than Seattle, and with an arena and committed ownership (which is what we need to work on), it should be a done deal. It also evens things out as far as major league teams in the Northwest (Vancouver - NHL, CFL, MLS, NBA), (Seattle - NFL, MLB, MLS), (Portland - NBA, MLS), (Spokane - AFL). That gives the whole region quite good coverage and no one team has too much competition or canabalism (unlike having the NBA in Seattle did).

The question is, do we return the Grizzlies back home or do we go after a different team? Relocate the Hornets? Relocate the Bobcats (Michael Jordan and Aquilini)? Relocate the Kings? Clippers? Twolves? Hawks? Pacers?

I think they all are in play. Get er dun.
I really cannot see the Kings relocating to Vancouver. The Timberwolves? Perhaps. The Bobcats? Yeah, I can see them relocating to Vancouver as well. The Clippers? I can't see how that team's been there as long as it has. Nothing short of a miracle, if you ask me. They've sucked for years. There is NO WAY the Pacers are going to move (even though there were rumors about Aquilini making a purchase for them..). The Pacers to the NBA are like the Yankees to MLB, and the Canadiens to NHL. There's too much history there. It would look really bad for a team with as much history as the Pacers, as well in that state, to move the team out of there to somewhere...say....Vancouver.
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