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Here is a detailed description of the ILLINOIS' elevators.

"Elevator transit is by atomic power; especially designed elevators,
each five stories high, serving in series the five divisions of 100-floor heights.
A group of 76 tandem-cab elevators five units high begin to load where
the escalators leave off at the fifth floor. These elevators entirely
independent of ordinary suspension systems. As motorized they rise
and emerge on ratchet-guides, soaring into the air, independent of,
yet an integral feature of the tripod, and appear outside the tripod
as graceful vertical features of the ILLINOIS. The entire elevator system
thus rises perfectly upright to five different story-heights. Special
through-service is provided to the upper stories and to the very top floor
at various speeds all the way to one mile above the ground floor level.
All elevators are motivated by atomic power, engines on the the cabs engaging
ratchet-tracks, cabs moving vertically at various speeds much as an
automobile runs on the level. Approximate speed: say, a mile per minute;
appropriate automatic stop-and-go controls without attendance are to be
provided. Additional private lifts may connect various departments independently of main elevators.
Cars are set aside for non-stop emergency service.
As escalators from the lower parking levels serve the first five stories,
the main floor of the ILLINOIS is thus practically the fifth floor. This
combination escalator-elevator service should empty the entire building
within the hour by day and the various occupations by night in half the time."

-FLW 1956

(phew..he could have used an editor)
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