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Charming article.

Who should Canadians pull for?
QMI Agency hockey writers Bruce Garrioch and Robert Tychkowski make the case for the Ottawa Senators and Vancouver Canucks, respectively

Canucks: watch ’em cause you hate ’em

Robert Tychkowski

I'm not going to pretend I like the Canucks.

Nobody likes the Canucks. Nobody outside the sushi dens and granola taverns of Vancouver, anyway.

They whine. They dive. They turtle. They want referees to fight their battles. They are arrogant, they bite people and their fans set fire to police cars.

And that's why we watch them. Say what you will about the Canucks, they are never boring.

Would you throw up a little in your mouth if you saw Ryan Kesler handing the Stanley Cup to Maxim Lapierre? Of course you would.

But if Ottawa is playing on one channel and the Canucks are on another, who are you watching?

Ottawa? Nobody wants to watch vanilla ice cream melt Ñ you're going to watch the hated Canucks because you know you're going to see something good.


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