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Originally Posted by PHXFlyer11 View Post
Don't confuse my words here, but I believe we are approaching the point in time where incentives may not be needed for further residential high rise development in Phoenix. Projects are popping up all over, and fewer are relying on incentives not. I am for moving forward with Derby, but I love how far we've come now!

Commercial/office may require incentives still, atleast from the standpoint of attracting major teanants downtown, but that's true almost anywhere.
I think the Derby developers know this. But they will try for the GPLET if they think they can still can get the tax breaks. They will hold out until the lawsuit is said and done with and will build without the GPLET if the court rules in favor of Goldwater. I hate lawsuits. It just drags everything out. Derby would be farther than Stewart right now if they would have started on queue.
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