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I'm going to steal a post from the Salt Lake Transit thread to discuss an issue that needs to be taken care of by Denver (since RTD won't do it): covering the Broadway light rail station. This is the number one station in the system that needs to be turned into an enclosed station with upgraded amenities due to the sheer number of transfers that occur here and because it was the land area to make it happen. Something like this would be the wet dream option:

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My ideal, as I have said before, is an ARTIC (Anaheim, California) style station. This station has very few train tracks (2 for Amtrak/Metrolink, with 2 in the future for High Speed Rail), but it has a grand entryway that serves to lift passengers up from street level onto an elevated walkway that connects to the tracks:

I think if we had very simple, yet grand and elegant head-house which conveyed people up to the walkways, then we wouldn't need to move the tracks from where they are. We'd need to build canopies to cover the platforms, sure, but we wouldn't need to incorporate them into a grand train hall. We will never be impressive for having a multiplicity of tracks, but we can provide a great civic space that builds civic pride that is designed to be fundamentally convenient to use.
But really all that's needed is a canopy and some basic ameneities. If we can get a rebuilt Civic Center Station for $31M, how much would a basic glass/fabric canopy, a manned ticket booth, restrooms, and a convenience booth cost?
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