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A simple question

Diving deeper into Nashville's plan for better accuracy and clearer picture I learned that Nashville and the Davidson Co voters who must approve of the plan are one and the same; they merged in 1963. Knowing that, the plan should have a good chance of passing.

Nashville's transit plan includes 5 light rail lines, 4 BRT/Rapid Ride routes and a section of subway. The subway is estimated to cost a little less than $1 billion and is to be 1.8 miles long. The whole plan is estimated at $5.2 billion in 2017 $'s.

Nashville has a reported population of 684,410; Denver has a reported population of 682,545. They are the same size.

Question: What's to prevent Denver from coming up with their own transit plan with a ticket closer to $2.5 billion?
Cool... Denver has reached puberty.
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