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Originally Posted by Hudson11 View Post
Miami is poised for a NYC-scale skyscraper construction boom. The ball just needs to get rolling. So many proposals, pretty much none U/C
Panorama is almost complete and 1000 Museum, Flatiron and Paramount are rising slowly- none of which of course are supertalls. I think that's it currently for the Downtown-Brickell area.
The whole region is booming. Dozens of cranes. I think you might be referring to the 12+ super tall proposals, and as of now, we are not seeing them rise. I believe 2 by 2020 will be seeing steel if all goes well. But in the 400-700 ft range, a ton is in the works (both pipeline, with good odds of rising, and site prep/demo. The previous cycle's tower mania is seeing completion, and a whole new slew of towers is set to rise. Not just in Miami, but in its proxies like Sunny Isles.
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