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Originally Posted by feepa View Post
Is all the really needed? Seems the forum cops have too much time on their hands...

I see nothing wrong with bragging about good weather, or talking about about bad weather.

Such sensitivity nancies around here. Weather. It happens. We all deal with it. Let us discuss it without such rules.

My good god.

Some springs may arrive earlier in Maple Creek than Point Pelee... depends on the year. What's wrong with discussing it? Some years buck a trend. Anyone who gets upset because Calgary has better weather on a certain day that Fort-Fuck-Idont-care really needs to get off the internet and actually go enjoy a day in the weather they are spouting about.

Has this forum turned into a bunch of pre-teens who get so upset over weather talk that precipitated these unneeded rules about discussing weather? My weather dick is currently hotter than your weather dick.
I agree.

And "outlandish claims" tend to get quickly debunked anyway, so I don't see why we'd need special moderator protection against those.
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